Oi (Hello)

I am Pam. Born and raised in south Brazil. If you could ask my grandmother about me she would tell you, that little girl repeatedly asked to look through photo albums, to sew, crochet and cook. Since very little I always had the passion for creating things and growing up around my moms arts/crafts - made some much memories of my childhood.

I moved to Washington in 2018 I fell in love with hiking and the beautiful landscapes... did not take long to get a camera & capture all my husband and I adventures & road trips. We love Washington and Oregon coast has our heart! Not surprisingly I started taking photos fot friends & families (how everything started) and I fell in love of telling people's stories through images. I believe having a good time, talking, playing it is the way to truly show your love story through images.

Doer, dorky, funny, talker... How people described me. That is what I can think of when telling a bit about me.

Thank YOU for being here.

lots of love,


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